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I am extra excited to show you today’s invitations from the Magazine Collection! With a background in journalism, I absolutely love how design can be done simply with text placement, sizes and fonts. This set allowed me to do just that creating more “textual” invitations. I found inspiration from four magazine covers and designed around them.

Before I show you, a little explanation on the new site. We know you brides are pretty visual so we wanted to show you atleast a little variety for how one design could look with a different color palette. We chose one color palette for each invitation for the product shoot and a different one for the pdf’s we will use. For this collection, I wanted to show you the original invitation design that will appear in the product photos because you can better see how the magazines inspired the design. The pdf’s are alternative palettes. Leave a comment and let us know your favorite! Enjoy!!

The Esquire Suite has a special feature. The text in the background can be changed to feature a favorite song, poem or vow. This invitation currently features a quote from Shakespeare and the program features vows. The sky is literally the limit with personalizing this set!


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Note: Just wanted to say how greatful I am for your excitement and support yesterday! I am so excited to be engaged to my best friend and know I am a very lucky girl! Proposal post (with pics!) coming soon. I am excited to share this journey with y’all.

You may be wondering why one of our collections is named after our invitation company. More on that to come!

The Butterscotch Collection was inspired by all things sweet, bright and colorful and is our most playful collection. Butterscotch is for brides looking for something untraditional and vibrant. Like the Flora Collection, it is printed on a crisp white 100 lb silk paper. Enjoy!!

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Today I am introducing the Monarch Collection. So what’s the inspiration? Family crests, heritage, royal families and traditions that go with them. This collection is by far the most formal and traditional. Squares shapes give a modern twists and the natural white linen paper complement the simple designs perfectly! Check out the product shoot preview here for a few other color options. Leave a comment and let us know your favorite in the Monarch Collection! Enjoy!!

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Flora Collection

I want to introduce you to what I have been working on the last couple of months. When I was coming up with this collection, I wanted variety. Something that could fit any bride’s taste, from simple to modern, minimal to colorful. And of course, all within a modest budget!

First up, our Flora Collection! These designs are loosely inspired by nature: vines, trees, flowers and even bird’s nests. We’ve kept some pretty abstract and some quite literal. Leave a comment and let us know which one is your favorite!! Enjoy!


Nest: The Knot, Forest: Grey Camera, Magnolia: Geitgey and Vines: Chicago Illinois Wedding Photography

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This week I am very excited to be bringing you, a preview of the new invitation collection. There are 5 collections with 4 invitations each. So this week , each day through Saturday, I’ll show you one collection. You may have seen the sneak peek from Jason Cohen. If not, here is a taste! See more on Jason’s blog. Enjoy!!

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My thoughts are a little all over the place but I’ll do my best to reign it in.

At MTH2010, we talked about our life purpose, not just our business. My purpose is bigger than planning weddings. And this morning I actually prayed that I would get out of my wedding box today. It wasn’t more than an hour later when I heard about the aftershock in Haiti. It apparently wasn’t too threatening but it kept my mind on a tragedy I had kind of put out of my mind. We also learned at MTH2010 to not just talk about something but to do it. So I’m doing that.

The church I go to has had a sister church in Picot, Haiti for over 20 years. I’ve been hearing about the poverty there since my mom first went in 95. Since then, she has gone back with my sister, and this past year with my dad and we’ve sponsored kids there for years. How do I respond to Haiti now? I gave a little money but honestly, I’d like to give more.

Four years ago, Louisiana was rocked by Katrina. I live 2 hours from New Orleans and wasn’t directly affected but began to see and feel those affects as evacuees poured into my city of Lafayette. Our church housed dozens of families in the kid’s building for weeks if not months. It was a time of incredible sacrifice by church members and incredible blessing to see God work.

Now our sister church in Picot is in a similar situation because of their close proximity to Port-au-Prince. They are in a place to serve and help those trying to recover. I know lots of people wish they can fly down there and help but can’t just pick up and go. But we can refuel and pray for those who are there aiding in relief.

For the next month (now until Feb. 20) I will be donating 20% of all Butterscotch Press sales to the effort in Picot, which will directly (and fully) go to getting supplies in the hands of the earthquake victims.

I know there are many people who obviously aren’t in need of wedding invitations. Please contact me for any type of stationary you may need and I would gladly design personal stationary, business cards, baby announcements, etc.

Go here or here for stationary.

Last week Jason Cohen (I share an office with this fab photog) offered free coffee (he has a commercial grade espresso machine and serves the best espresso in town) to those that came by and said all “tips” would go to Haiti. In two days he, along with tons of generous coffee drinkers raised over $500!

Jason used the resources he had and I want to do the same. I’m not looking to boost my business with this. I know this will require extra time. Time (and a business) I have and would love to use to step outside my wedding box.

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We made several pieces for Michele and Chris’ wedding.

First up, the invitation: we did a few modifications to our Lacey design and added the green matting to incorporate both her colors.

The couple had lots of guests coming from different areas so Michele wanted a map, something personalized that didn’t just look like it came from mapquest. This was our first map to design but I’m sure not the last! They are just too useful. We also put their wedding web site on it. The square design gave the simple but elegant design a more modern look. I loved the way the ribbon looked all packed together.

I have seen and been a part of several cake pulls. They are always fun even if we don’t know what each charm means. I thought it’d be nice to design something with all the meanings for the cake table. The girls were fun to watch when they read who got which one! Favors! Nothing says South Louisiana like pralines to munch on for the ride home. We kept the same elements we had throughout and even added the green backing to each tag.

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