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Green Wedding Shoes

Today’s inspiration board is simple and sweet! Brides, remember what this whole wedding planning is about: LOVE! Enjoy your fiances this weekend and save the wedding talk for next week! Enjoy!!

1. Green Wedding Shoes 2. Snippet&Ink 3. Style Me Pretty 4. Elizabeth Anne Designs


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So for all of us in South Louisiana, life hasn’t just been about weddings the past week. It’s been all about the Saints! I honestly didn’t know how the Super Bowl was going to go. I was just so excited to see them play in it. It’s still surreal that they won!

So obviously I wanted to incorporate the black and gold (sans gold fleur di lis or who dats) into an inspiration board. This board is a bit different. Every picture comes from the fab blog, This is Glamorous. I could stare at the pictures all day long.

P.S. I totally look like this (picture #1) when I’m at my desk hard at work too!

Since it’s the off season for wedding in South Louisiana I’ve had a few extra projects keeping me busy these past couple of weeks besides Saints celebrations and the pending Mardi Gras season. I just finished our new and improved invitation collection and am getting materials printed for product shoot with the wonderful Jason Cohen. Also, I have a two in one photo shoot coming up next week. Remember I asked a few weeks ago which inspiration board you’d like to see come to reality? I got tons of feedback and honestly couldn’t choose between the top two so decided to do them both! What’s all this for?? A few changes a’ coming! ; )

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Today’s board is very special. One of my new dear friends and fellow wedding planners from MTH2010, Lauren Kelly, is working on an AMAZING resource for brides called Milk&Honey which is set to launch Valentine’s Day! Here is how she explains it on her twitter. Which by the way, you should definitely follow.

“A holistic online community for engaged couples. We house guidance geared to encourage, equip & inspire you to have a healthy relationship & live a well life.”

When I first heard about it, I couldn’t help but believe it would be nothing short of amazing and revolutionary. There are tons of sites, blogs (even mine) that focus on the wedding details. This will focus on (I’ll be blunt) the bigger aspects of our life. And how to spend your engagement not in a cloud of swatches and decor preparing for a day but preparing for a marriage as well.  Drop Lauren an e-mail if you have any ideas or any topics you’d like to see on the site at lauren@lovemilkandhoney.com.

So for our inspiration board, Lauren sent me her logo design and I designed based around the colors and feel. Which explains why there are a few more colors today. Choosing just three of them seemed a little one dimensional for this scope. Enjoy!!1. Ruffled Blog 2.&4. This is Glamorous 3. Gabrielle Kai 5. You and Your Wedding

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Today’s inspiration board was inspired by Mrs Lorien Owens. I asked what everyone wanted to see me do an inspiration board based on. Lorien suggested purple and brown. I have never really pictured those colors together fondly. I think I have bad memories of a headband I wore with them as a kid. But I am a big believer that any color combo can work as long as you pick the correct shades. Recently, Lorien spent her Christmas in the North Carolina mountains. I remembered this an ran with a rustic, woodsy palette. Enjoy!!

1. Ruffled Blog 2. Oh So Beautiful 3. Martha Stewart 4. Flickr 5. Frolic 6. Thread

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My friend Twila and I were talking about wedding inspiration the other day and she mentioned that she really liked Anthropologie-inspired decor (i.e. eclectic mix of vases, natural wood seen in their window displays). But instead of the soft pastels many A-inspired weddings incorporate, Twila likes the idea of bright colors. Like this window display.

I personally love the theme and couldn’t wait to get started designing a board around her suggestion. Looking for a laidback AND bold wedding?? Check this out. Enjoy!!

1.&5. Green Wedding Shoes 2.&6. Style Me Pretty 3. Lucky Luxe Couture Correspondence Blog 4. Hostess Blog 7. Once Wed

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Fall is my favorite season. I absolutely love driving through the streets as leaves fall, which I did plenty of this weekend, and I just lit my mulled cider. You may be expecting a wintry inspiration board today but I’m feeling pretty inspired and have one more fall board (with a twist) before the season ends! Not all fall boards have to incorporate muted shades. Here’s a great way to brighten up your fall wedding!

1.,5.,6. The Knot 2. J. Crew 3. Millie Holloman 4. Paulette's Macaroons 7. Wedding Bee

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When we started planning, Michele said she wanted to incorporate green into their wedding day. Orange and green was a theme she had been playing with. When we couldn’t find the perfect shade of green in a bridesmaid dress. The marine blue fell perfectly into place and I think it was the perfect complement creating a sophisticated elegant feel. Enjoy!!

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