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We had perfect weather yesterday for Sam’s bridals at Jungle Gardens. The bride drew inspiration from her celeb doppleganger Mary Louise Parker for her makeup (hair and make up by Sara Buteaux). Doesn’t she look just like her?

Here is a sneak peek from fab photog Laura Reaux. The pictures came out amazing! She really captured Sam’s sweet nature  so well. Check out her blog for more images!


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I am sure you’ve heard me talk about the first look. It’s when the bride and groom… (gasp!) see each other before the wedding!! I used to be pretty traditional in my opinion in that I could never ever ever no way never be convinced to see the groom before the wedding. After several of my photog friends explained it to me and several daring couples went for it, I saw the beauty of it. And the logic behind it. Calm nerves, daylight for great pics, and a sweet intimate moment with the person you are about to marry. Sooo…my sweet couple who got married last November opted for the first look. And check out the outcome! Amazing pictures from Dawn Earles! Wedding pics to come. Enjoy!!

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Sadie + Jordy: Engagements

Next June I will be coordinating “day of” for Sadie and Jordy’s wedding! They are such a sweet couple and this girl is really organized. I cannot wait to see everything she plans for the big day. We also designed some save the dates and engagement party invites for them. (Which I will show you ladies soon!) But now, here are some “fantastic” engagement photos by Jason Cohen. (Fun fact: Jason really likes to use the word fantastic!) Enjoy!!

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Stacy + Darrell: Bridals

Today I have some AMAZING bridals to show you. I have been meeting with Stacy for about a year. She apparently doesn’t wear makeup daily (a fact I NEVER knew). She’s a naturally beautiful girl so when Sara worked a little hair and makeup magic she was absolutely stunning! She came alive in front of the camera. Dawn did a great job directing her. Magazine worthy images for sure! Enjoy!!

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I think I gush a bit too much to Stacy and Darrell about how cute they are together….but I’m gushing again. : ) After working with Stacy for a while, I got to meet Darrell. He is a commercial diver and is out of town a lot so when we had our meeting, I couldn’t help but notice how giddy they were to be with each other. I just figured it was because they hadn’t seen each other for a while. Nope. I saw them together several times after and every time was the same! I loved getting a chance to witness such a loving couple, so excited to be together. Wedding planning is real work, but getting to see a couple like this exchange vows is such a blessing! So here our some photos from their engagement session. Dawn Earles did a great job capturing their spirits. Enjoy!

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Sam + BJ: Engagements

Sam and BJ are getting married this April and I could not be more excited to be a part of it. The couple is getting married in New Iberia (Rip Van Winkle Gardens), has been living in Austin, is currently moving to Lafayette and met in New Orleans. They’ve been all over the map together but decided to return to New Orleans where it all began for their engagements. The weather was not so cooperative but MJ still got some great shots of the couple.

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We made several pieces for Michele and Chris’ wedding.

First up, the invitation: we did a few modifications to our Lacey design and added the green matting to incorporate both her colors.

The couple had lots of guests coming from different areas so Michele wanted a map, something personalized that didn’t just look like it came from mapquest. This was our first map to design but I’m sure not the last! They are just too useful. We also put their wedding web site on it. The square design gave the simple but elegant design a more modern look. I loved the way the ribbon looked all packed together.

I have seen and been a part of several cake pulls. They are always fun even if we don’t know what each charm means. I thought it’d be nice to design something with all the meanings for the cake table. The girls were fun to watch when they read who got which one! Favors! Nothing says South Louisiana like pralines to munch on for the ride home. We kept the same elements we had throughout and even added the green backing to each tag.

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